Company: Trican Well Service Ltd.
Role: Concept Development, Art Direction, Design

The business challenge was to present Trican's full suite of service offerings to viewers to their new website at first glance. An interactive 3D element was requested during initial planning that would show Trican's full offerings while educating non-industry visitors. The "Trican Land Cube" was born from the many collaboration sessions with the web team. Once there was a consensus regarding the need for a 3D element on the homepage I was responsible for the design and production of this element. As I worked out the concept and details I outsourced the production of this detail to a 3D animator. The Land Cube became the theme for many of the other 3D elements contained on the site.


When the user clicks an orange hotspot on the Land Cube, a modal window appears with information on the service line, related services and a link to the section on the website. I created the design and layout of these modal windows.


The service line pages show closer segments of the land cube. This was to keep visual consistency as the user continued further into the site


Below are concept sketches for Acidizing and Production Enhancement and Multistage Fracturing Tools. Production of these graphics were outsourced.


I developed concept sketches for the land cube and worked with the outsourced party on texturing and final layout.


Acknowledgments: Evans Hunt, 3D Epix