Trakopolis IoT Corp.

Scope of Work: Strategic Planning, Project Management, Investor Relations, Process Design, Sales Channel Management, Multimedia Design

Company: Trakopolis IoT Corp.
Role: Marketing Manager
Duration: 2 years

Company Overview

Trakopolis is an enterprise grade Internet of Things (IoT) platform that is flexible, configurable, connectable and extendable - crucial attributes for complex organizations. Trakopolis combines the Internet of Things, telematics and a powerful API to create intuitive dashboards that give insight into core business operations, such as fleet management, equipment utilization, maintenance and repair scheduling, and employee health and safety. 


As the in-house solo marketer, I was responsible for the development and execution of the corporate marketing strategy. Under my umbrella of responsibilities I was also charged with designing processes around product releases, pilots (product trials) and enterprise training to increase team efficiency and profitability.

Trakopolis has technology partnerships with organizations like Microsoft, KeepTruckin, Bell and Telus and through those partnerships, Trakopolis has the ability to utilize their sales teams to help generate inbound leads. It was my responsibility to increase channel enablement through joint marketing efforts. Working directly with the other marketing teams within the respective companies I designed campaigns and tools that enabled the channel to effectively prospect potential leads.

Below is a sampling of the work I completed for Trakopolis.

Work Samples

Crafting the Trakopolis Story

Trakopolis has a complex solution offering and needed a way to clearly articulate its features, differentiators and value proposition to the layman. I began an aggressive content overhaul which started with the website and became the basis for future content development.

Trakopolis is a data acquisition powerhouse capable of connecting to anything a customer needs information on in real-time and displaying it on its platform in meaningful dashboards. The platform is completely industry, business and technology agnostic, meaning it can connect anything from mining machinery, construction equipment, lone workers, gas monitors, temperature sensors or fleet vehicles and report on a host of data from those sources.



I broke the website into 3 main categories:

  • Technology was designed to tell the story of the solution and how Trakopolis acquires data.

  • Solutions was designed to showcase the five specific offerings Trakopolis sold (Loneworker, ELD, Equipment/Asset Tracking, Fleet Management and Custom IoT Solutions).

  • Business Cases was to tie those offerings into real word scenarios with examples in four main industries and general descriptions for SMB (Small Medium Businesses) and Enterprise.

User testing and customer feedback confirmed increased understanding of Trakopolis’ product offering. The content overhaul increased Google’s organic page ranking bringing in more inbound leads. Other tools like live chat were added which also resulted in higher conversion rates as prospects could get answers in real-time allowing the sales team to move them faster through the sales funnel.

Marketing Collateral and Proposal Master

The business needed marketing material for all stages of the sales funnel from high level overviews to detailed feature descriptions and proposal outlines. As part of the content overhaul, I created a library of:

  • Sales Flyers - Single page double-sided solution/feature overview describing value prop and key differentiators

  • Brochures - multi-page document with detailed product/feature descriptions

  • Product Use Cases - Condensed overview of a case study

  • Case Studies - Detailed review of a customer success story

  • Presentation - Multi-page document containing detailed information on several solutions and features

  • Specification Sheets - single page single-sided outline of an integrated sensor

  • Data Sheets - Single page single-sided outline of an integrated gateway device (internet enabled GPS modem)

  • Articles - Solution driven content explaining ROI and key differentiators

  • White Papers - Multi-page technical report

Here is a sampling of the work created:


Corporate Presentation

In a small publicly traded company, a strong corporate presentation is worth it’s weight in gold. My mandate was to create a presentation that could generate interest and confidence for investment in the company. Below is a sampling of the presentation used in several successful financing rounds.


Partner Success Strategy 

Channel enablement was a core strategy for Trakopolis. The combined sales networks of the partner companies brought in 80% of the inbound leads allowing the internal team to focus on closing business rather than prospecting it. Getting the channel mobilized was a core focus during my time at Trakopolis.

Part of the strategy was to produce content weekly to keep Trakopolis top of mind with the channel reps. Content included:

  • Training Webinars

  • Articles/Blog Posts

  • Solution Specific Sales Flyers

  • Solution Specific Presentations

  • General Overview Bochures

The example below part of a brochure that highlights Trakopolis’ strengths in the market while providing guidance to channel reps on where they should focus their prospecting efforts.


Trakopolis ELD

In 2017 Trakopolis embarked on an ambitious task of creating an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution ahead of the upcoming U.S. mandate. New to Trakopolis at the time of this video my responsibility was to relay the technical details of Trakopolis’ ELD solution to the video production team while developing the creative look and feel for the video.

Kicker Inc. (Script/Compositing/Editing)


Product Launch Process

With such an agile and customizable platform, Trakopolis has the ability to quickly bring new solutions to market whether it’s a new gateway device, sensor configuration, software integration or customized report. As Trakopolis grew, I was tasked with developing a plan to help solve the communication and alignment gaps between the teams as products were hitting the market in various stages of readiness.

I designed a three-phased approach to solving the communication and alignment gaps:

  • Phase 1 - Create a launch process outline

  • Phase 2 - Develop a communications plan

  • Phase 3 - Design an administration document to align teams

phase 1 - I defined 7 stages that a product must take to go from concept to completion. As long as the required checks were met, moving through the stages could be achieved quickly for smaller and less complex products maintaining Trakopolis’ ability to capitalize on new opportunities.


Phase 2 - Using internal tools available through Microsoft Teams, email and SharePoint. The combination of those tools allowed updates to be communicated to the company while allowing for team members find up-to-date information outside of the communication emails.

Phase 3 - Administration alignment. The objective for this phase was to define each teams required inputs through the launch process and tie them all together into the launch document. From this document, anyone within the organization could see where exactly a product was within the process, reducing unnecessary status update requests while also maintaining accountability between the teams.